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For Data Recovery see ESS Data Recovery and mention Dr Disk, Reseller # 1024, to receive a discount and a free hard disk.
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Data Recovery

Phil Smith was originally given the name "Doctor Disk" by one of his customers who was amazed at his expertise in recovery of lost data.  Since then he has lost count of the number of times he has successfully recovered data for his customers.

However, as hard drives grew in capacity and operating systems and applications grew in complexity it became clear that the equipment required to do this work reliably would be too expensive to maintain.  It became necessary to refer customers to specialists who specialise only in data recovery.

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Doctor Disk recommends ESS Data Recovery for your data recovery needs.  ESS provides high quality data recovery at a cost much lower than the industry standard; they provide data recovery for every type of hard drive, from single home drives to complex RAID arrays.  They have over a 90% success rate, and with their no data, no charge policy, you know that if what you need isn't recovered, you're not charged for the recovery.

Mention Doctor Disk, or Reseller Number 1024, to ESS Data Recovery and receive a discount on your recovery, a free 100GB external Maxtor OneTouch hard drive, and additional

Always remember that there is no substitute for backing up your data. Your data means all the stuff you create. 

I have never yet heard of a hard drive that rang a bell and said, "Oh, by the way, tomorrow we will have a drive failure. You had better back up all your data now!"   Usually, the first inkling a user has that their hard drive is expiring, is the day that they turn on the computer and nothing is there.

If you work with a few WordPad, NotePad or Microsoft Word files, back them up on a floppy diskette which you keep in a different room.
If you have quite a lot of photographs or other important data, back it all up onto CD-RW discs which you keep in a different room.
If you are a company with a server holding lots of information your company can not live without, call in a specialist who can recommend the best possible backup methods for your company.  Keep the backed up data in a different room.
Why do I keep saying "keep it in a different room"?  Have you ever walked through a burned out office and looked at the remains of melted computers with the charred remains of their floppy diskettes right beside them?  I have.

I had a client whose offices were right on the waterfront in a beautiful location between the mountain and the sea.  I used to love visiting that office.  During a typhoon the mountainside came crashing down and swept the office into the sea.  The computer was never found.  The body of the managing director who had been asleep in the adjoining residence was eventally found.  If only he had his backup floppies with him in his bedroom, the data could have been recovered even after many days underwater.   He didn't.  The company had to rely solely on the goodwill of the clients who owed them money to pay up.

ESS Data Recovery have a truly excellent and enviable success rate, but if you wisely plan your backup procedures before you need them, you may never have to call them.

Today, I still enjoy the challenge of occasionally doing data recovery myself when I can see that it is within easy reach of my existing capability, but more often than not, I refer clients to the experts.

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