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Please note that Phil Smith is now registered as a sole trader using the business name Doctor Disk
in Queensland, Australia using ABN 22 394 533 644

Please note e-mail address change at foot of page

Phil Smith (Doctor Disk) permanently left Hong Kong on 19th June 2006

All Data Recovery requests should be directed to ESS Data Recovery quoting Reseller # 1024.

Please direct all other HK enquiries to Systems Xpress Limited on 2644 0219 and ask for Derek or Garry

Typhoons and Weather: HK and world-wide weather information is found on our Typhoons and Weather Pages.  As typhoons approach Hong Kong or other Major areas, specific info will usually be linked on the next line:


No tropical cyclone details will be listed here until further notice.

When present, links content is updated frequently. Page content updated 2008-10-09 at 22:10 QLD Time [UTC+10].
In title lines of NWP systems, [NAME] means PAGASA name, (nnW) indicates JTWC No, and {nnnn} indicates JMA No.
In title lines of SH systems,  (nnS) or (nnP) indicates JTWC No, {nnF} indicates FMS No, and {nnR} indicates Reunion No.
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Health Information:

Telephone Numbers: HK Telecom White Pages, Yellow Pages

Church: Sha Tin Church stchurch.gif (5003 bytes)the best English-speaking church in Hong Kong (of course I am biassed!).

Christian Solidarity Worldwide: CSWHK


Transport: Informative Citybus Home Page. Also compare with New World First Bus, New Lantao Bus and Kowloon Motor Bus. For rail Travel, check the interesting and informative MTR site and the useful KCR site.

Adoption: Adoptive Families of Hong Kong.

Newspapers: South China Morning Post   and The World of Lily Wong

HK ISPs: Pacific SuperNet HK, NetvigatorHK Star, LinkAGE Online.

Hong Kong Ads On-Line: HK Ads Online

Radio/Television: TVB, RTHK, ATV, Star TVMetro Broadcasting.

Counselling/Personal Development: The Road.

Dogs and Cats: Lamma Animal Protection - an organisation working towards the day when every companion animal has a good home.

To search for almost anything on the Internet, type the topic you want to search for in one of the fields below and then click the Submit Query button.

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Search Asiaco - The Asia Search Engine Search for almost any site or page in Asia by clicking on the logo at the left.

Find Christian Websites!

Lots more to be inserted here soon.

This page is still under construction at the request and suggestions of many of our clients.  It will be more useful when I get time to add a lot more links to it.

NOTE: If you know of any links which you think should be added to this page, or if you find that some of the links on this page do not work, or if links now lead to unsuitable content, please email me at phil DOT drdisk AT gmail DOT com to advise me of the details.

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Note: for sections of some of the pages within this site attributed to [HKO]: the links and materials provided therein are supplied by the Hong Kong Observatory and the following Notice is applicable to those sections: Copyright Notice:   All weather information shown here, including but not limited to all text, graphics, drawings, diagrams, photographs and compilation of data or other materials are provided by the Hong Kong Observatory. Any reproduction, adaptation, distribution, dissemination or making available of such copyright works to the public is strictly prohibited unless prior written authorization is obtained from the Hong Kong Observatory.

Note that the e-mail address for Phil Smith (also known as "Doctor Disk") has been changed to phil DOT drdisk AT gmail DOT com with effect from 18th March 2006.  To use this e-mail address, in your e-mail program's "To" field, type out the words in blue replacing " AT " with "@" and replacing " DOT " with "." so that there are no spaces.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but my junk mail had passed 1,000 items per day.

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